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Fall Work Weekend

October 28 - 30 2022

Help pitch in, enjoy camp, fellowship together

No upcoming events at the moment

While Camrec nurtures each of us it, also needs our care. Help maintain Camrec and prepare it for the winter ahead! A variety of projects will be listed but will include clean up of pine needles around camp, splitting firewood, window-washing, and more! There will also be committee meetings going on throughout the weekend including a board meeting Saturday.


People of all ages are welcome so bring the whole family and enjoy a weekend away together. Don’t forget your boots, gloves, work clothes, and tools (rakes, hoes, shovels, etc.)!


*Lodging is free, but you provide your own food (per the menu), which will be pooled with everyone else’s and prepared together.* 


Your volunteer support and involvement is what keeps Camp Camrec whole!


PLEASE RSVP for the weekend! Three ways to contact us!


  1. Click on the REGISTER button near the top of the page and submit (preferred).

  2. Email us at; include who and how many are attending and what nights you will stay.

  3. Call us at 509-548-7245


Friday Dinner

On your own


Sat. Breakfast

Eggs  - bring a dozen which can be used for both Sat. breakfast and Sun. brunch

Fruit - bring some kind of fruit of your choice (banana, apple, orange, pineapple, melon)

Bacon or sausage - bring one of the two.

Bring cereal of choice

Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa

Sat. Lunch

Sandwich meat – bring some kind of deli meat

Bread – bring a loaf of your favorite bread for sandwiches

Chips – bring a bag of chips (potato, Fritos, Cheetos, etc.)

Condiments – )camp has ketchup, mustard and mayo) 

Lettuce – bring a head or bunch of lettuce for sandwiches and/or salad.

Vegetables- baby carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, etc.

Sat. Dinner

Potatoes (camp provided)

Bring two kinds of fixings for the potatoes

Bacon bits, shredded cheese, sour cream, olives, salsa, yogurt, sunflower seeds, jalapenos, etc.

Dessert of your choice



Leftover Sat. breakfast


Pancakes (the camp has plenty of pancake mix so no need to bring that)


Cereal and milk

Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa

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