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CAMREC Registration 2022

Camper Information

*Campers are assigned a cabin before they arrive. They may request to be with a friend but the friend must request them as a cabin-mate also. We will do our best to keep them together but we cannot guarantee it. Write in any cabin-mate requests below:

* For Pre-Junior Camp only, list each additional guest, if any, who will be joining us at CAMREC:

Parents' and Guardians' Information


I am a custodial parent or guardian of the camper named above and have the right to provide the following authorizations to Camp CAMREC on behalf of myself, the camper named above, and the camper’s other parents and/or guardians in recognition of Camp CAMREC'S making its facilities and programs available to the camper.


1 – ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE: I assume for each person identified above the risks, including the risk of illness, injury, death and damage to property, inherent in the activities associated with camping, including but not limited to tubing, sledding, tobogganing, and other snow sports; swimming, floating, whitewater rafting, and other water sports; climbing, hiking, and other  mountain sports; ropes and challenge courses, climbing walls, and other camp games and activities; and other exposure to the  conditions of nature in a rural, mountain environment. To the full extent permitted by Washington law, on behalf of each person  identified above, I agree to release and hold harmless Washington Mennonite Fellowship/Camp CAMREC and its caretakers, staff, officers, directors, and agents from any damages, claims, liabilities, and injuries relating to the camper’s use of camp dining, sleeping,  and other social facilities or participation in any Camp CAMREC activities (including transportation to off-site camp activities), all of which  have my permission except as follows. No permission is granted for participation in the following activities:  

I also hereby grant to Washington Mennonite Fellowship/Camp CAMREC and to its agents the right to photograph the camper named above and use the photos and/or other digital reproduction of him/her for publication purposes, whether electronic, print, digital, or electronic publishing via the Internet without compensation or approval rights. 


Medical Information

Please check and describe any health issues that apply:

Health History:

Date of last boosters:



Chicken Pox:

*We will make every effort to be sure your child is not exposed to these allergens. Due to the small size of our camp, we cannot provide options for intolerances (i.e. lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, etc.). However, if you would like to send foods for your camper to accommodate intolerances, we would be glad to serve it to them. Please explain any special diet requirements:

Current Medications & Instructions:

Is there any other information about the camper that you want the director/counselor to know about? Check any that apply or explain any further information in the space provided below:

2 – MEDICAL HISTORY AND CARE: The health history provided on this form is correct so far as I know. To the full extent permitted  by Washington law, on behalf of each person identified on the previous page, I agree to release and hold harmless Washington  Mennonite Fellowship/Camp Camrec and its caretakers, staff, officers, directors, and agents from any damages, claims, liabilities, or  injury suffered by the camper named above arising from the rendering of first aid or medical treatment. I hereby give permission to the  appropriate licensed health care provider(s) selected by camp staff or their designees to order X-rays, routine tests, and treatment for  the health of the camper named above and, in the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to such  provider(s) to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection and/or anesthesia and/or surgery for this camper. I hereby  give permission to the camp program director, camp medical staff, and/or their designees to dispense to the camper the prescription  and over-the-counter medications that I provide to such staff upon the camper’s arrival, so long as all such medications are in their  original containers and all prescription medications are labeled with camper’s name and health care provider’s ordered dose on the  bottle, and to dispense other over-the-counter medications to the camper if indicated by minor injuries, pain, or discomfort. This form  may be photocopied for use out of camp.  

Is there anyone who has a restraining order against this camper and cannot come near the child? Please check one: 

If yes, please explain:

Payment Options

Bring a Friend Discount Qualifications:

who will be attending CAMREC for the first time.

*If the camper is able to check off BOTH requirements, they qualify for the Bring a Friend Discount. Please make sure and type in the friend's name in the blank space provided above.

Camper Scholarships:


Select your preferred method of payment: *

Camper Fee (t-shirt is included!)


Guest fee(s) for each additional member(s) at Pre-Junior Camp ($55/person)


Donation towards sponsoring another camper 


First Timer Discount! Enter $15 if this is your first time coming to Camp CAMREC


Bring a Friend Discount! Enter $15 if you meet all the qualifications.


Please take note of this amount for future reference!

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